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Jacques Villeneuve
Racecar Driver.
James Cameron
Writer, Producer, Director.
James Doohan (1920-2005)
Janaya Stephens
Janet Wright
Jann Arden
Singer, Actor.
Jared Keeso
Actor, Writer, Producer.
Jason Priestley
Actor, Producer, Director.
Jason Reitman
Academy Award-nominated Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor.
Jay Baruchel
Actor, Writer and Producer
Jayne Eastwood
Jean Beliveau (1931-2014)
Hockey Player.
Jeanne Beker
TV personality, author and newspaper columnist, covers fashion and lifestyle news for FashionTelevision, FashionTelevisionChannel, and The Globe and Mail.
Jeff Healey (1966-2008)
A jazz and blues-rock vocalist and guitarist.
Jennifer Dale
Actress, Writer and Producer.
Jennifer Spence
Actor Producer.
Jennifer Wigmore
Jenny Cooper
Actor, Writer and Producer.
Jeremy Ratchford
Actor starred as Nick Vera on the TV series Cold Case.
Jessica Pare
Jessica Steen
Jewel Staite
Jill Hennessy
Actress, Director, Singer and Songwriter.
Jim Carrey
Actor, Stand-Up Comedian, Screenwriter and Producer.
Joannie Rochette
Athlete. Olympic Figure Skater
Jodelle Ferland
John Candy (1950-1994)
Actor, Writer, Producer.
John Kapelos
Actor, Producer and Director.
John L`Ecuyer
Actor, Director and Writer.
John Vernon (1932-2005)
A prolific stage-trained Character Actor who made a career out of convincingly playing crafty villains, morally-bankrupt officials and heartless authority figures in American films and TV since the 1960s.
Johnny Bower
Hockey Player.
Johnny Wayne (1918-1990)
Comedian and Comedy Writer best known for his work as the comedy duo Wayne and Shuster.
Jon Cor
Jonathan Crombie (1966-2015)
Actor / Writer / Director
Jonathan Scarfe
Actor and Producer.
Joni Mitchell
Jordan Canning
Film Director
Jordin Tootoo
Hockey Player
Joris Jarsky
JR Bourne
Jud Tylor
Juliette Cavazzi
Singer and Television Host featured on CBC Television from the 1950s through the 1970s.
Jully Black
Singer, Songwriter, Actor.
Justin Bieber
Singer, Actor.
Justin Chatwin
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