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C. Ernst Harth
Cabbie Richards
A sports television personality on TSN Sportscentre.
Cara Gee
Cara Pifko
Carly Rae Jepsen
Recording Artist and Singer-Songwriter
Caroline Dhavernas
Caroline Rhea
Actor, Producer, Writer and Comedian.
Carrie-Anne Moss
Cassie Steele
Actress and Singer-Songwriter best known for portraying Manny Santos on Degrassi: The Next Generation and Abby on The L.A. Complex.
Catherine O'Hara
Actor, Writer.
Catherine Mary Stewart
Celine Dion
Singer, Actor.
Chantal Kreviazuk
Chantal Petitclerc
Athlete, Wheelchair Racer.
Charlotte Laurier
Chelan Simmons
Chris Diamantopoulos
Actor and Comedian.
Chris Hadfield
First Canadian Astronaut to command the ISS as Commander of Expedition 35. First Canadian to walk in space. A former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot.
Chris Potter
Actor, Musician, Director.
Chris Wiggins
Actor and Voice Performer.
Chris William Martin
Actor, Producer and Director.
Christian Campbell
Stage and Screen Actor.
Christina Cox
Christine Horne
Christine Sinclair
Professional Soccer Player and Olympic Bronze Medalist.
Christopher Plummer
Actor, Singer, Producer.
Cindy Busby
Cindy Sampson
Cirque du Soleil
Cirque?du?Soleil is a Quebec based company recognized the world over for high-quality, artistic entertainment.
Clara Hughes
Athlete, Speed Skater, Cyclist. Olympic Medalist in both Summer and Winter Games.
Cobie Smulders
Coco Rocha
Colin Foo
Actor, Pianist, an award-winning Baritone Singer, and an internationally renowned Artist.
Colin Mochrie
Actor, Comedian. Most famous for his appearances on TV improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway?.
Colleen Dewhurst (1924-1991)
Colm Feore
Actor and Writer.
Connor Price
Actor, Director and Writer.
Conrad Bain (1923-2013)
Actor best known include the leading role as Phillip Drummond in the sitcom Diff?rent Strokes and as Dr. Arthur Harmon on Maude.
Corey Haim (1971-2010)
Actor starred in films such as Lucas, Silver Bullet, Murphy's Romance, License to Drive & Dream a Little Dream. Best-known role was in The Lost Boys, which made him a household name.
Corey Hart
Corey Sevier
Actor and Producer best known for his role on the Fox television series North Shore as Gabriel McKay or as Timmy Cabot on the television series Lassie from the late 1990s
Cowboy Junkies
Craig Kielburger
Social Entrepreneurs, Authors, Syndicated Columnists and renowned Human Rights Activists
Crash Test Dummies
Crystal Lowe
Actor and Model.
Cynthia Dale
Actor, Singer, Dancer.
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