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Edison Chen
Film Actor, Musician, Producer, Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer.
Elaine Lui
TV Host
Elias Koteas
Actor and Producer.
Elisha Cuthbert
Actor, Director
Ellen Page
Received both Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for Best Actress for her role as the title character in the film Juno.
Ellen Wong
Actress best known for her role as Knives Chau in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Elvis Stojko
Athlete. 3 Time World Champ, 2 time Olympic Silver Medallist, Figure Skating, World Silver Kung Fu Forms, Singer.
Emily Holmes
Emily VanCamp
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Enrico Colantoni
Actor, Director and Writer.
Eric McCormack
Actor, Musician, Writer, Producer.
Eric Peterson
Erica Durance
An Actress and Producer perhaps best known for her role as Lois Lane in the WB/CW series Smallville.
Erik Knudsen
Erin Karpluk
An Actress best known for portraying Erica Strange on Being Erica and Kate in Godiva's.
Ernie Coombs (1927-2001)
Actor, Writer and Entertainer who starred in the Canadian TV Series Mr. Dressup.
Estella Warren
Model, Actor and Director.
Eugene Levy
Actor, Writer, Director.
Evangeline Lilly
Evelyn Hart
Ballerina and former principal dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
Evelyne Brochu
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