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Nancy Greene
Olympic Gold Medalist and champion alpine skier voted as Canada's Female Athlete of the 20th Century.
Nancy Robertson
Natasha Henstridge
Nathan Fillion
Neil Peart
Musician, Drummer for Rush.
Neil Young
Singer, Composer, Producer.
Nelly Furtado
Singer, Actor.
Neve Campbell
Actor, Producer. Achieved fame on the TV series Party of Five.
Nicholas Campbell
Actor, Director and Writer.
Nicholas Dromard
Actor, Dancer, Singer.
Nicholas Tse
Actor, Director, Writer, Singer Songwriter, Musician and Entrepreneur.
Nick Mancuso
Actor,| Producer and Writer.
Nicole de Boer
Nina Dobrev
Norm MacDonald
Actor, Writer, Stand-up Comedian.
Norman Jewison
Producer, Director, Actor.
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