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Barbara Hamilton (1926-1996)
Barbara Ann Scott (1928-2012)
Athlete, Figure Skater was 1948 Olympic Champion.
Barenaked Ladies
Barry Pepper
Ben Hollingsworth
Benita Ha
Beverly Thomson
Journalist and Co-Host of Canada AM.
Blue Rodeo
Bob Ezrin
Music Producer and Keyboardist.
Bobby Orr
Athlete, Actor.
Brendan Fletcher
Brendan Fraser
Actor, Producer.
Brent Butt
Actor, Writer, Producer.
Brent Carver
Brian Bailey
Fashion Designer.
Brian Orser
Athlete, Coach, Actor.
Brigitte Kingsley
Actor / Producer
Bruce Greenwood
Actor and Producer.
Bruce Harwood
Actor best known for his role of John Fitzgerald Byers, one of the Lone Gunmen on the television series The X-Files.
Bruce McDonald
Director, Producer, Actor.
Bryan Adams
Singer, Actor.
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Actor.
Burton Cummings
Singer, Musician, Songwriter.
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