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Celebrity Canada is the nationwide community-based news organization dedicated to promote Canadianism by positive reporting, empowering our readers with engaging content and being the world leading resource to find people of interest that are connected to Canada.

To ensure that notable and deserving Canadians hold their own place in the spotlight, Celebrity Canada is determined to totally dedicate their services to publicize and promote the accomplishment of interesting Canadians. The website CelebrityCanada.com will strive to promote Canadianism and be the leading source for the world to find people and all things of interest that are connected to Canada.

In the pursuit of this important and worthy future for Canadians, Celebrity Canada intends to create many of their own celebrities along the way. Ample exposures will be given to their reporters, writers, columnists as well as their technical staffs and producers. They too can and will become an important part of the Canadian celebrity landscape, contributing and building towards a bright and admirable future for all Canadians to be proud of.
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